How common or widespread is the use of multimedia journalism in the media?

imageThe use of multimedia journalism in the media today is very widespread and in this digital age, most media productions wouldn’t survive without it. Combining different mediums including text, video clips, audio, photographs and graphics, is a common practice in today’s online media.


Convergence Journalism” is a form of cross-media cooperation and requires the Journalist to be multi-skilled in different areas ie; shooting, editing and publishing. Both multimedia and print versions of a story are produced in the same news room.

The impact that convergence culture could have on journalism and news business is that it could make certain media professionals redundant, as mojo journalists are now multi tasking- taking the role of reporter, cameraman, editor and publisher.


The new didgital age is creating a very fast turn around of stories and through the use of smartphones and online media, stories can be published for public access far quicker. Online multi-platfrom news stories may be edited and have their visual priority online changed throughout the day, depending on what is currently trending.


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