How are the various ideals of journalism impacted by the business of journalism?


The business of news journalism is a rapidly changing industry. With the rise of the digital era and smartphones, competition within the industry is greater than ever and news corporation giants are competing to get ratings and cover stories first. The public has instant access to news with the click of a button, which speeds up the race for journalists to “get the story”.

Ideals of Journalism- such as speaking truth and delivering quality stories backed by thorough research are being impacted by the new business of journalism. Journalists need to produce stories at a faster rate and accommodate writing for mobile phone accessibility, thus affecting the quality of writing and potentially the integrity of the news stories produced.


New online platforms such as Beacon– a “crowd funding” site which allows members of the public to fund journalists and their projects, is also having an impact on the business of journalism. Although this may be having a positive influence because it allows greater autonomy for journalists to investigate and report the stories that they and the public want told, rather than in the interest of news corporations and their need to sell stories.


In a world that is overloaded with access to information, the ideals of Journalism to be autonomous and deliver truth, is constantly being challenged.



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